The Model Home was founded by Carleen Laronn, a Business Major turned designer. She has spent the last 3 years working as Lead Designer for Denver’s premiere home staging company and is soon to be an RIDQC certificate holder.

Carleen graduated from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado. While this was a great achievement, it did not satiate Carleen's craving for creativity. She worked hard to graduate early and didn’t waste a second before hopping on a plane to pursue her love of modeling with some of the most prestigious agencies in the world.

Carleen spent the next few years exploring beautiful countries, immersing herself in their history, culture, architecture, and interiors. Her travels ignited her true passion for design, cultivating a lifelong desire to create beauty in her surroundings.

At this point, it was only natural to find Carleen more interested in dressing a home, rather than herself. Upon her return home to Denver, Carleen jumped head first into her career as a home stager. Years of crafting unique design plans for hundreds of homes proved to Carleen that design was her true calling. Home staging fine-tuned her design capabilities and trained her to understand even the most complex of spaces.

 Carleen’s keen eye for design, her go-go-go mentality and her unremitting desire to create spaces that people love, has landed her where she is today. Carleen is dedicated to excellence. Her compassionate nature allows her to understand her client’s needs and desires, while her background has equipped her with the necessary skill and talent to design striking, one of a kind spaces.