5 Things Your Bachelor Pad Definitely Doesn't Need....


But definitely should have!

I messed up guys, I wasn’t here in time with a gift guide for the Holiday Season… so I figured I’d do you one better and instead share some realllllly cool items that you are not likely to just go out and buy casually. These finds are part ridiculous, part awesome, and 100% sure to catch everyone’s eye when they enter your home. Sometimes we just need to indulge a bit… So, without any further adieu, here are 5 items you don’t need but will most definitely want!

1. CB2-executive black leather punching bag & Boxing Gloves

$350- Punching Bag, $150- Gloves

Gentleman, take notes… because it doesn’t get more masculine than this when it comes to home decor. This set is the perfect statement piece for your bachelor pad that will have both the men and the ladies swooning alike. It just doesn’t get better than leather, no matter what it is. However, there is one downside… the bag does not come stuffed. But the way I see it, what could be more manly than stuffing a punching bag? I sure can’t think of anything.

2. Barney’s Ny- Backgammon Set


Made in Italy. I feel like that’s all I need to say, but I’ll go on. This classic set is made of exotic, lacquered wood and is housed in an almost as handsome handcrafted, hinged wood case with a silver-tone metal lock. This classic game is the epitome of elegance and tradition.


3. Restoration Hardware- 1920’S NAVAL BINOCULARS


These standing binoculars are authentic replications both in form and function. Originally, found in an old French naval shipyard, sailors relied on the 1920s version to track ships and aircraft at sea. These bad boys look like they came straight out of a James Bond movie and I like it... A LOT! We can just call this the gift for the man that has everything.


4.1stdibs- Early Wood & Brass Airplane Propeller


1STDIBS is a website that connects the world's best dealers, finest shops and most important galleries with individuals who are seeking one of a kind treasures. So, this exact propeller is the one and only! Every imperfection on this beautifully sculpted 90” propeller is celebration of its history and travels. If not this propellor, do find another, as this would be the coolest accessory of all time.


5. Gramovox- Bluetooth gramophone


A sigh of relief… an item we can all afford but is still SO cool! This bluetooth speaker, reminiscent of a bygone era is the perfect blend of vintage aesthetics and modern technology.